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the name endeavor signifies the principles that guide our organization: independence, equity, and integrity. whether making construction management decisions or providing client services, we are committed to these values.

our interests are the same as those of our client, the project owners. maintaining complete independence from the other entities involved in the building process allows both our clients and the extended building community to have a clear understanding of our role and responsibility throughout the construction process. it is the endeavor group's collective experience and skill, working for you, that sustains the value of our services.

treating people fairly reaps the greatest rewards in everyday life and in the business world. it is the owner's best interest that the conflicts inherent to the building process are resolved quickly and amicably. endeavor's proactive approach encourages designers, contractors, and vendors to work together to achieve the owner's quality, cost and schedule objectives. a cooperative atmosphere helps prevent small problems from becoming debilitating obstacles blocking or severely delaying the successful completion of a project.
honesty is often confused with integrity. while an honest person responds truthfully when answering a question, a person with integrity will volunteer the truth without being asked, even if it may not be in his or her best interest. the endeavor group works to instill this important value in project team members during all phases of the construction life cycle. if all members of the project team raise potential issues, even when they are outside of their direct area of responsibility, everyone, and especially the owner, wins.